Mitch ToastingJohn Mitchell Hebert founded his first flower shop at the age of 19 in his hometown of Berwick, Louisiana, a humble beginning to a successful and sophisticated career which took him all over the world.

Mitch lived in New Orleans for most of his adult years, building a thriving business still known as Mitch’s Flowers. He was sought after as a designer of great talent, fashioning exquisite and innovative sculptural pieces for grand occasions, but he was also beloved for his ability to create beauty and meaning in the simplest settings.

Privately, Mitch was an avid and knowledgeable art collector, and a painter in his own right. Some of his abstract paintings can be seen here: Mitch’s Paintings

Mitch was never able to attend college, though he would have liked to. He made his own way in the world and was fortunate to find success as a businessman and a designer but his lifelong commitment to aesthetics, both as a collector and a practitioner, reveals a man with the heart of an artist.

His family is honored to maintain this scholarship in his memory. Mitch would be proud to support the development of young Louisiana artists, as he once was.